Terms and Conditions


  • If you CANCEL for any reason the deposit is non-refundable due to the lack of availability to rent to others during your scheduled time.

  • We Delivery & Pick up free locally except for One Day Rentals & Deliveries outside a 25-mile radius, Delivery prices are upon companies’ discretion.

  • Please do not put more air in the tires unless they are flat. Please call me at that point. They are a tubeless tires and if you put too much air in them the manufacturer company will not warranty them. The max air is 4lbs. that can not be measured with a standard pressure gauge.

  • Daily Usage of Debug- Please take either arm off or pull up and slide backward for ENTRANCE & EXIT from the SIDE of Debug for your safety! DO NOT TRY TO GET IN FROM FRONT! If asked for a umbrella one will be proved. If the wind is strong the arm could become looser if you want or have a 3/16 Allen wrench it will tighten holder. The unit is road worthy but please be considerate it is tubeless rubber tires. If you a hose or beach shower area is available, please take the time to wash off the inside of each tire and the whole until for your convenience for the next day. When I deliver, I lock the unit up and text you the combination to the Lock. I deliver times are usually before 4pm check in time & Pick up after check out at 11am.

The full Equipment Rental Agreement and Release of Liability will be sent to you to sign when booking is confirmed.